Robots to the rescue – using automation to generate higher ROI in marketing


The lure of automation has always lain in its promise to drastically slash costs and provide a high return on investment without compromising on quality of output.

Most businesses now are aware of the existence and benefits of marketing automation systems. However many are at a loss when it comes to zeroing in on the right product for their businesses. While high end offerings available in the market may not fit into their budget, others may be unsuitable or appear too complicated to be run by a non technically qualified person.

Luckily, not every business needs a high end expensive marketing automation product. Nor does every solution need a technically qualified person to run it. For small and medium businessness in particular, all that is required to boost their performance is a simple, easy to use platform that provides accurate results.

An effective lead generation platform can provide SMBs the advantage they seek. An automated lead generation solution can be programmed to take over routine, repetitive tasks. With clearly defined work flows and scheduled tasks executed by robots, it successful eliminates incidents of omissions or errors, resulting in high quality leads.

Automation also yeilds cost savings through better utilization of human resources.Robots can take over mundane, repetitive tasks, and free up the human resources engaged in these tasks. Redeployment of these resources in other more creative or strategic areas leads to better utilization of the talent pool. Using robots is advantageous also because a single robot deployed can take over the workload of several persons, work continuously and uninterupted for long hours, and not fall victim to boredom because of a monotonous job!

Automated marketing solutions such as robot driven lead generation platforms thus offer businesses an effective tool to improve their sales pipeline. Such solutions offer higher ROI through gains arising on two fronts – one, better human resource utilization and two, better quality leads from improved work process. SMBs in particular, definitely stand to gain significantly by investing in a lead generation platform.

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  1. Email marketing is a cost effective way for businesses to reach out to contacts. SMBs must explore options such as automated lead generation software to help them improve their sales pipeline.

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