Checklist to ensure your mail doesn’t end up in the Spam folder-

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  1. Does your message comply with the CAN-SPAM Act rules? Have you
  • Provided your website address?
  • Provided your physical location address?
  • Provided an Unsubscribe button?
  • Enabled honoring of Unsubscribe immediately on request?
  • Used a good subject line that is not misleading?

Note: You can be fined up to USD16000 for failing to comply with the Can Spam Act rules.


  1. Have you ensured your message does not include spammy language in your emails?

Using all caps, or words like “free”, “won” or too many exclamation marks can send your message into the Spam folder.


  1. Are you offering a text version of mail also if you are sending an HTML message?

HTML messages often end up in spam folder because of size/excessive images. Include a text only option to ensure deliverability.


  1. Are you asking contacts who signed up for promotional messages to put you on their ‘Not Spam’ list?

Ask recipients to put you on their whitelist once they agree to receive emails from you. This enables permission based marketing.


  1. Have you run your message past Spam checkers?

Use tools like to get feedback on your content and its deliverability quotient.


  1. Are you sure you have not been put on a blacklist?

Use free sites such as or to double check if your address and IP have not been flagged as spammers.


  1. Have you checked your text to image ratio?

Avoid image only mails. Include at least two lines of text after every image to avoid being blocked/marked as spam.


  1. Are you watching out for Spam traps?

Spam traps are email addresses that ISP know are not used by humans. To avoid sending to these emails and getting trapped by ISP, avoid bought lists.


  1. Are you sending attachments in your campaign?

Avoid sending attachments in email campaigns. If you necessarily have to, send .jpg, ‘gif ,.png or .pdf.

Attachments that are .exe, .zip and .swf will definitely be blocked by spam filters.


Follow these best practices and improve deliverability of your messages.




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