5 Tips to Get the Mojo Back into Your B2B Lead Gen efforts

Let’s face it. Lead Generation is tough. Especially in a B2B landscape. Unlike B2C prospecting where literally every person online is a potential customer, identifying the B2B prospect is much more complex. It demands much more in terms of time, effort, perseverance and skills.

How do you take the pain out of this? What should you do to make your lead generation efforts more effective? Here are 5 tips to make your lead gen more result oriented –

  1. Identify your buyer persona. First of all, spend some time to identify your target segment. What kind of enterprises will constitute your typical contacts pool? Which businesses will gain from using your product or service? Is your offering relevant to only a certain specific industry? What is the typical size of your target prospect? What stage of the business life cycle is the enterprise in? Create a well-defined buyer persona to represent perfectly the segment your business is targeting. Focused conversion efforts will increase the probability of success.
  1. Understand your product. What is your product/service’s core value proposition? What is your offering? What are its key features? What unique characteristics does it possess? What pain area does it address? Understand your product. Know its features, USP, and applicability thoroughly.
  1. Understand the competition. Invest in adequate market research to identify actual and potential competitors. Study them. Find their strengths and more importantly, their weaknesses. Competitor experiences can provide valuable insights into functioning in a crowded market and avoiding inherent pitfalls.
  1. Draw up a clear strategy. Set targets. Set goals. Set timelines. Outline your purpose. Set up a clear roadmap for action, to provide direction and focus to efforts. Periodically review progress. Take corrective action promptly. Time is critical. Reaching out and establishing contact at the right moment can make or break a sale.
  1. Focus on relationship building. So your prospect is not ready for a sale. The interest in your offering, though is genuine. Don’t let go. Stay engaged. Stay connected. We are building a relationship here. You need to work on it.

Keep in mind these rules and get ready to build up a steady queue of leads. Good luck and happy B2B prospecting!




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The Smart Way to Develop Business

The Smart Way to Develop Business, Plugleads Business development automation,


In our last blog we had discussed the shortcomings of conventional business development. From being inconsistent and unreliable, to inefficient and costly, manual systems provide a lot of scope for improvement.

We followed up on our findings to explore if there could be an alternative that would deliver best results with minimum adverse impact on costs. The study led us to conclude that the solution lay in Automation. Yes. We are convinced therein lies the solution.



The first look at business development activities itself reveals that the function is, by nature repetitive. Scouring multiple sources to identify prospects, collecting related details, making a list and then doing it all over again…It also demands an ability to handle large amounts of data. All of these make it the ideal subject for automation.



The second aspect is the need for timely actions. BD activities include running email campaigns to generate leads. This function needs time bound launch of emails, collecting responses, categorizing responses, taking action on some and sending next batch of follow up mails.


target (1)


The third aspect is the need for accuracy. Sending a follow up mail to an addressee who has expressly asked to be unsubscribed can be email marketing hara-kiri!  At the same time, failing to respond to a potential lead promptly can be a very costly mistake.



Unfortunately such mistakes abound in manually run business development functions. In the circumstances, what businesses desperately need is a software that can be programmed to send bulk emails based on a time trigger. It should also have built-in intelligence to automatically delete contacts that have expressed disinterest, and respond to messages of those that have responded positively. For the remaining, it should continue to send follow up messages per the plan.

Such a solution that reduces human intervention to a minimum, can help make business development an effortless,precise and easy-on-the-pocket task.

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