How to optimize your open and click rates

4 Must-Haves to Optimize Your Open and Click Rates

The effectiveness of an email campaign lies in one all important metric – the Open and Click Rate. This essentially addresses the challenge in ensuring your message is opened and read by the recipient. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

According to research house, Radicati the average number of emails exchanges in a corporate mailbox is 124 messages per day! Now imagine making your email noticed, selected and opened by the recipient. The chances now appear miniscule. Yet, with email marketing proven to offer an ROI of upwards of USD38 per dollar spent, email campaigns for lead generation can definitively not be overlooked. So what are the tactics available to you to ensure maximum open rates?

We give you four of them-
Compelling subject line: The first opportunity for engagement is in the inbox. To optimize the opportunity, you have access to one subject line. Give it your best shot. It’s a make or break situation. The tipping point, as far as you are concerned. Use this to tell the recipient exactly what they want to hear –an innovative solution to solve a long standing problem or information that will add value to their business. Examples – Attend our webinar or Save 50% on Your Fuel Costs etc…

Crisp copy: The recipient opened the mail? Congratulations! You have overcome the first hurdle. However the next challenge is to actually make them read your message. For this follow the cardinal rule of brevity. Package your offering in a few crisp, compelling words. Write exactly what value you offer and what problem it addresses. Write copy that is targeted to engage and capture mind space.

Images: The average adult has an attention span of a goldfish. No wonder then you have no more than 8 seconds to grab a reader’s attention. Leverage images to convey your message. Convert your messages to eyeball grabbing images. Once you have got the attention, unleash the content!

CTA button: The click-to-action button is core to email marketing. It is the one element that no mail must be without. Use strong, powerful action oriented words such as Attend, Download, read, Register, Try Now to grab their attention and set the stage for a long nurturing engagement.

How to optimize your open and click rates
Follow these rules and you will be on track to ensuring highest possible open and click rates…

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